Sharks Protection Services

24hr Monitoring

The company has a state of the art 24-hour close circuit television (CCTV) enabled control room that maintains a constant link between the security sites, supervisory teams and company vehicles on the road. The company operates on its own secure ICASA granted frequency. Every site on our portfolio operates on live-time and is monitored via an hourly report by way of 2-way radio to the control room. In the event of an emergency, a backup vehicle is dispatched immediately to assist on site.

24hr Supervision

Our Supervisors and Inspectors are further trained in industrial relations as well as Quality Management Systems. Their main objective is to serve as the company's direct link to sites with regard to equipment, functionality, documentation and overall presentation of staff. As a benchmark and under normal circumstances, our security sites are inspected twice every 24-hour period. A detailed inspection of the premises is carried out and all irregularities are noted for management's attention and immediate follow up. Management also performs unscheduled spot checks on security sites.


  • Guarding Division
  • VIP Protection
  • Armed Escorting
  • Special Events
  • Community Watch & Patrol
  • Private Investigations

Risk Analysis

Due to the complexity of setting up a professional security solution, a FREE risk analysis is prepared by one of our Operational Managers. Thus ensuring that the solution is tailored to each situation using a comprehensive plan and results are constantly measurable against the client's needs.